29 March 2014

Preparing R&P for next week

This is the first time in weeks I feel a little bit more relaxed. My daughter is already sleeping so that means I have time to turn on my sewing machine :)
I'm preparing the run & play challenge for next week which is the following :
Week #2---Spring Break Challenge--design an outfit inspired by your favorite vacation spot (or day-dreaming vacation spot).
I was just about to start a beach towel, when something came across... "Provence". Two years ago, around this time of the year, my husband and I were planning our holidays. We needed some time for us, and we loved our honey moon at Tuscany. So why not trying 'Provence'? The destination seemed similar: we changed vineyards for lavender but same style of trip. Awesome food, nice wine and incredible views in the countryside. This was for sure one of my best holidays!
So all in, I changed my plans for week 2 R&P! This will be inspired in fields of lavender!
This is the fabric I chose

This is the pattern

And this is what I have been working on this afternoon

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