07 April 2014

And... PR&P week 3: Blossom surprises!

And finally we had good weather in Madrid!!! What a nice weekend!!!
Saturday morning dedicated to finishing this week's sew along for this awesome Project Run & Play! I'm having so much fun!! I'm very thankful to this week's challenge, cause painting our own fabric is something i would definately haven't thought of in the near future. It is much easier than expected!
For this week i chose a lovely Miss Matatabi fabric i bought 2 months ago made out some nice turquoise leaves with some colour surprises in between. Why not continuing those stems and painting some blossom surprises?? My daughter adores ducks and birds... When watching cartoons she just turns mad pointing at the tv and babbling whatever she meants to say and i still don't understand :) So this week i did a "toy dress". I hope she realises at some point she's wearing those ducks she likes so much!



  1. Very sweet addition to your fabric.

  2. very cute! I've been wanting to buy fabric from Miss Matatabi fabric. I'm loving this theme! Emily@nap-timecreations.com

  3. Nice job on the painting...your daughter looks so cute!

  4. Qué bonito vestido... y qué bien le queda a "la modelo"!

  5. Good taste and craftsmanship all over it. Looking forward to see more

  6. Thank you all for the comments!! xxxxx