14 April 2014

Closet Essentials. PR&P week 4

Blanca loves it!!! I'm convinced!! hahaha. This is the first time EVER she allowed me to dress her with mummy's hand made clothes without running away! Normally I feel like "Benny Hill" holding the clothes in my hands and starring at my daughter seeing how she turns round and starts running in the opposite direction and me running after her until I manage to try them on. Hahaha!
I'm a super fan of the 2 patterns I chose for this week: the top is the "oliver and s 2+2 blouse" and the shorts are the "bubble shorts from Elephants & Elegance". This week I wanted to do some "closet essentials". 
I have a lot of pictures this week!!! They speak by themselves!



  1. You really have an eye for soft and feminine! Love it!

  2. Those pieces are just darling on your daughter. I have been wanting to make those shorts for my DD, but I think she would think they are too "sweet and young" for her little tweenage self. :)

  3. Even sweeter - love the soft airy top!

  4. I love this outfit! Great job!

  5. I love the blouse. It look natural cute. The bubble pants are also pretty, I've ever made them once. Looking your beautiful girl in those pants makes me want to make them again.