23 April 2014

Fancy Pants Leggings

Uma coisa que gosto é de projectos rápidos e fáceis, esta pattern cumpre os dois. As Fancy Pants Leggings foram uma agradavel surpresa! Comprei a pattern com a ideia de fazer pijamas la para casa, mas andei a adiar a coisa porque me pareciam demasiado justas e nao sabia se para rapaz ia gostar de ver... Mas o Pequeno Gigante fica um amor! E adora as calças, sao super confortáveis... Ja tenho tecidos cortados para mais 3 pares :-)
One thing like is quick and easy projects, this pattern have both characteristics. The Fancy Pants Leggings were a pleasant surprise! I bought the pattern with pyjamas in mind, but I was postponing because I found it to skinny and I didn’t know if I liked that for boys... But Little Giant looks really sweet! He loves the pants, they are super comfy... I have already cut fabric for 3 more :-)
Pattern: Fancy Pants Leggings, Titchy Threads (here
I love everything that Laura makes, she is over here www.craftstorming.com


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