21 April 2014

One dress 3 versions!

Que bons que foram estes dias em familia em Portugal! Foram umas optimas mini ferias!
A minha sobrinha ficou feliz com o vestido... Trabalhei sem parar para conseguir levar agora na Pascoa. (historia do vestido aquí)
O mesmo vestido, 3 versoes:
This last few days spent with family in Portugal were great! Wonderful mini holidays! My niece was so happy with her dress... I worked realy late into the night to be able to have it ready to give her in easter. (dress story here)
Nao tinha pattern, por isso tive que inventar bastante, mas ate saiu bem :-)
I didn't have any pattern so a lot of "creativity" was needed, at the end it turned out quiet nice :-)
Ela estava mesmo feliz! Aparentemente era exactamente como ela queria e tinha imaginado!

She was so happy! Apparently was exactly what she wanted and how she had imagined it!

Have a nice week!


  1. What a great Aunt you are! It's perfect. Thanks for linking up to Inspire Us Thursday on The Inspired Wren.

  2. Replies
    1. I had so much fun with this... My niece takes it to school under the uniform, thats how much she loved the dress! :-)