19 May 2014

Not so happy sewing... But I like the final result!

Willow& Co made me spoiled with my sewing! I've been sewing several patterns from their collection and although from different designers they are all very good. Very clear and easy to follow instructions and the fit is perfect on my little ones. I've sewed also some Oliver+S, perfect patterns. Everything has an amazing final result and I've learnt a lot, every time I sew one of their patterns I learn something, but we all know that Oliver + S is perfect. Also sewed some other indie patterns and so far so good... Until my last project I was very eager to buy indie patterns and have built an impressive collection. But now I'm very disappointed... :-(
I've been waiting for a special fabric to arrive by mail, was kind of difficult to find it here in Europe and I paid more than I normally do for fabric, anyway, the fabric arrived and I grabbed the September tunic pattern from Too Sweets (bought with the Perfect Pattern Parcel). My daughter is a tall 7 months baby, and I want the clothes to fit during summer, so I've been sewing for her 12M size, room to grow but not terrible big, looks ok (as you can see in my previous posts, all 12M lately). I've made the 12M and her arms didn’t fit, seam ripper in hand and lets tear it apart. The size up was 2T, let's make a size 2, if too big she can wear it another time, well surprisingly its ok on the arms, no room at all to grow, and on the back I had to make narrower button placket, because with the 1 1/2 Inch like stated in the pattern the size 2T would be to small and wouldn't button up! That’s only with me or did it happened with anyone else? 
I’m sorry for such a long post, but I had to put it out… Now I need something to make me happy with sewing again! I will definitely go look for some nice from willow&Co or Oliver+S pattern to sew, it’s guaranteed that I will have a nice time putting it together and the end result will be more than ok!
But I have to admit that I love the end result, and my Little Teresinha looks really cute :-) Some pictures of the September Tunic SIZE 2T for a 7 months (and it's small)!!!!!


  1. Hi! I found you at We Did It Wednesday :) I have not sewn this tunic for myself, but I know many who did and had the exact same problem as you :( The end result is completely adorable though and I LOVE that fabric! Off to check out all your Willow & Co sewing, I love love love those patterns :)

  2. It's a sweet top despite the problems. And I agree that indie patterns can be hit or miss and that makes me wary of trying new-to-me designers.

    In the end, it's adorable though. Thanks for linking up to Inspire Us Thursdays!

  3. That's too bad to hear that you had problems. Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Sews at PiePie Designs!

  4. Que fofaaaaaaaaaa!!!!