08 May 2014

Today we are going to talk about fabric!

I have been wanting to write this post for long, but then I never find the time to do it... As I work full time there's never enough time for everything and I prefer to spend the time sewing, and then I have to take pictures and post about it...

Today we are going to talk about fabric! 
In Madrid is very difficult to buy fabric, there is a nice store where you can find stuff but not the nice designers fabric, although it's getting better and more modern. It's called Ribes y Casal, in the city center, the old part of the town. Very difficult access (by car) and quite far from my place and work. I have to confess I find a nightmare to go there, I probably go there twice a year to by essencials.
One would think, buy online its easy and you have access to everything, well not really. We can't buy online from the US shops as we pay a lot because of customs (we can live with the high delivery costs). And that same problem we have we several sellers out of US too, Miss Matatabi is another example of this. So we are stuck with European sites and Hong Kong, normally from Hong Kong there's no customs.
Said the above we buy our fabric mainly in www.telas.es (they are German and sell to several countries) and www.modes4u.com (from Hong Kong).

Excellent service! There's nothing I have to say bad about them. Nice selection of fabric and prices are average not cheap/not expensive (for Europe). You can speak with them in every language and they always reply to e-mails. Thanks Maurizio (the Spanish "helper"), you are the best and always solve my "matters"! :-) 
The best place we found so far for designer fabric. They have a great selection of nice and "original" prints. They have a small detail I find very nice, they always send a scrap of some nice fabric. Service is very good and although they are in Hong Kong delivery is quiet quick (between 1 to 2 weeks to arrive at your place).

We recently ordered some fabric from ebay, from a seller in UK, but have no opinion so far as it didn't arrive yet... will came back here to tell you more about it... 

WE WISH WE LIVED IN THE US!!! There's so much more options for much nicer prices... American Girls you don't imagine how lucky you are... :-)

We hope you find it helpful! 
Opinions are 100% ours and we were not given any compensation to write this post... 

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