25 June 2014

Matching Blouses for my nieces

Hi there again ladies! 
These 2 beautiful matching blouses are for my nieces!! Yay! I'm sewing too much. And the more I sew the more things I want to make. Do you all have the same obsession?? My blog mate and friend Rita laughs at me when I come with a new to do's list. Especially when I want to sew for other people rather than my daughter :-) 
And she is right! I still have so many pendings for Blanca... I should focus! But I can't help it! 


I really really wanted to make something for my 2 adorable nieces, cause I love them dressed woth handmade clothes. 
You know what? When they see me, do you know what is the very first thing they say? 'Auntie, are we going to do some handicrafts today?' And I just melt...

So they deserved them! Don't you think so? 

They are usually dressed quite classical, so some neutral colours but with shiny silver hearts are perfect for girls that already have their own opinion ! Lol!

I really hope I get some pictures of them wearing them! I will post them for sure!
Thank you Rita for the lovely fabrics you bought me! I'm completely sure my nieces will love it!


  1. The Mara blouse is one of my fave patterns :) Love the matching set :)

    1. The one you made in denim is definately one of my favourites!! Thanks for stopping in our blog!!