09 June 2014

Persimmon Top

Should I Call this post P&P = Persimmon & Pacifier? haha! Impossible to take it off in any of the pics! 
So here we go again with another awesome pattern from Willow & Co! The Persimmon Dress & Top, from Mouse House Creations. This Persimmon looks really femenine.... But what I like the most, is depending on the fabrics you use you can give it a twist and make it look more classical or more fashionable. I went for the top, cause I love it combined with some shorts. It is made with plumetti in some soft bright summer colours.

It looks really comfy and perfect for the summer. I added a lateral invisible zipper cause at least for little ones, like my daughter, it was easier to dress.

The colour block was just added in one of the front pieces, and the back is all plain light blue. 

Look at that! I adore the movement of this tunic... 

A detail of the front pleatings:

And the Persimmon in action! Playing with it in the park! 
Do you want me to tell you a secret? People were starring at Blanca and commenting how lovely she was! Yay!!! :)


  1. So cute! Love the summer-y colors. I am not surprised people were starring at her, she is adorable and well-dressed! :)

  2. I love the swiss dot, and the simplicity of the color blocking--perfect for summer:)