21 July 2014

KCW !!!

É a primeira vez que vou tentar participar neste mega evento que é o KCW... Passei o fim de semana a cortar tecido para ter tudo pronto para começar hoje a coser!

It's the first time I will try to join the big sewing event, KCW... I spent the weekend cutting fabric to have all set to start to sew today!
1 Dress for my 6 year old niece... 
1 Dress for Teresinha (it's a pattern test so I wont be able to upload it to KWC) but has I will be sewing it this week... For me it counts!
 1 Dress for my other nice... Matching dresses for the sisters!
I need to finish Little Giant's Baja Hood, since it will take me more than an hour and I will be sewing it today I guess it counts for KCW! 

That's all... these are my plans for the week! :-)

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