12 July 2014

Snaps & Bib

Today we have another free pattern to use with snaps!The Ultimate Baby Bib from peek-a-boo pattern shop. And the giveaway is still running! Don't forget to enter the contest for a super kit of plier + snaps Snapclic is giving away! Just two days left!

This bib is designed to use with snaps, preferably from Snapclic :) The snaps are used to make a "catch-all pocket" which avoids food and even liquids from leaking!

You can un-snap it and clean it easily. This is how it looks like when un-snaped:

I tried the catch all pocket with my daughter :) She was drinking water, spilled it all over... as presumed, and the water stayed in the bib! Yay!

For this pattern you will need laminate fabric. Ours comes from modes4u. They have quite a lot of variety.

This is a sneak - peek of the bib tutorial and how to put your snaps!


IMG_7292 IMG_7291 

Have a great day!


  1. Great! Baby bibs with pocket is definitely a must have for toddlers. This type of bib is very helpful because it catches everything and it helps the mealtime clean as well the little ones outfit.