09 July 2014

Snaps & Vintie Overall from Fresh Designs

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Is there anything more cute than a new born???
One of my school friends was expecting "Silvita" for the end of June! Yay! So we needed some hand made clothes for her! No doubt I had to make an overall. And which is the best one ever?? The Vintie Overall from Fresh Designs!!
This is not the first time you see this pattern in our blog. It is so perfect for the very little ones, we have already made a few of them. Guess what is new in this one ? Exactly!! We used snaps!
The pattern tutorial includes the snaps option, which is extremely useful for changing nappies :)
The colours of the snap kams in Snapclic are so gorgeus... Look at these ones! They match perfectly with the fabric!

This overall is made with an organic cotton in peach colour and the floral main front is a super soft double gauze from Miss Matatabi. Super comfy for a little one.
Do you think Silvia will like it???
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