28 July 2014

The Secret Garden Dress: Pattern Release

I have no words to describe how incredibly awesome this "Secret Garden Dress" is... For me, the best definition would be something like "Haute Couture" for children. 
The Secret Garden Dress is the latest creation from Allison from EM Patterns and Deb Zalesky from Sprouting JubeJube. This dress has a deep V-shaped bodice at the back with a double skirt at different heights cut on the bias which inclues two options for the back skirt: with flounce (this is the version you will see in the pictures) or the plain version which includes a delicate ribbon at the waist seam.
The wavy flounce is a mixture between a soft cascade and a butterfly reminiscence. It is incredibly feminine. Pure harmony.

I went for a floral fabric in purple and fuchsia and used a light lavender linen for the flounce lining. Those colours matched so well; so pure, so delicate...

She looks just awesome in her new dress.

The elegance and harmony of the dress is in no way incompatible with being comfortable. 

My daughter has already worn the dress a few times and the very first reaction from my relatives was always the same... "Wow, did you make this one?" It is so different to the others and so stunning" ☺️ Which obviously makes me feel so proud and so thankful to Deb and Allison. 

Look at her face... ☺️ I love her.
My little one never stops running from one place to the other. In this picture the flounce seems to fly!
I adore that V-shaped bodice...

I found it really hard to pick just a few pictures for the blog post, so in the end I decided to put them all. I really feel this dress deserves them.
This dress is available here: www.empatterns.com and here: www.etsy.com/shop/empatterns.
And also check Deb's blog here: http://sproutingjj.blogspot.ca/

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  1. Thank you Fatima for all you work on this pattern! Your daughter is just beautiful in her Secret Garden Dress :)

  2. Thank you for such an awesome dress. I am in love with the fit, the flounce, with everything! I wish you very good luck with this pattern cause you teally deserve it