24 July 2014

Town Square Dress from Terra's Treasures: Test

The Town Square Dress and Top from Terra's Treasures (terrastreasuresdesigns.com) has just been released!  

The Town Square Dress & Top is designed for knit. It includes both options for Top and Dress with long or short sleeves, and the shirt can be finished both with bands or flounce. The skirt can also be made in woven to mix textures. The size range is wide. It goes from a 6-12 months up to 14t.

I had the opportunity to test it, and had a clear idea of what I wanted to make! This dress & top is super versatile. Many of the testers decided to go for a print in the main bodice and there were some awesome ones! A dream for the little ones! There were Frozen's princesses, Mr. Potatoes, Aladin characters...

Mine looks more like a Tennis Dress :) This is exactly what I wanted. The 2 wavy circular skirts with different heights and that squared neck, I don't know why, but it inspired me for the perfect suit go to play tennis.

I upcycled a stripped top in yellow and beige and added some light blue contrasting knit.

I love the blue tennis shoes my daughter is wearing. And they combine pretty well with the dress! 

She is starting to pose! Ha! 
The bodice sits just below the hips and the front and back trims go all the way round the chest. My daughter still has that prominent baby belly, but in older girls the bodice tend to be a little bit more loose - fitting.


Look at the skirt here! It is awesome !

Another posing picture :-) holding her foot

The Town Square Dress in on sale until Thursday! So make sure you don't miss it! You can find the dress:
I strongly recommend you to have a look and those links, cause you will be able to see all the different versions the testers made!

Thank you so much for the Dress Terra! I loved it!
Bye bye!

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