07 August 2014

Mulberry Tunic with Disney Princesses!

I've made one Mulberry already (here) and was impressed with the result... I couldn't believe I've made a shirt (a decent one)!!!
My niece's birthday is approaching, Disney Princesses is a big thing among little girls around here but I didn't feel like buying her a toy (she will get more than enough from everyone else) plus she is always asking me to make things (eg. here). When I saw this buttons I knew I had to make something fore her, something classic enough so she can take it to school. Mulberry, by Willow & Co? Perfect!
Check out this amazing matching elastic bands.... Yuuu Yuuuuu

See you tomorrow... I think I might have a little something to show you ;-)

1 comment:

  1. I love it! The fabric, the buttons, ALL of it. So cute! I hope you are linking up for the contest. :)