08 August 2014

Saudade Sundress!!!

Thank you An, or should I call you Queen of Pleats? Lol
The Saudade Sundress is lovely can't wait to try it on my little model tomorrow... She has been away with the grandparents in Portugal while mum and dad are still working in Madrid. Can't wait to go on holidays... Only a few hours, I'm counting it like a prisoner! 
The Saudade sundress is perfect, I love the pleats! They make a simple sundress look so special! Have you tried the pattern yeat? It's FREE!
The name of this dress is very dear to me, as it's a word that only exists in Portuguese, and a very powerful one. It's very difficult to translate it, it means you miss something, someone or a situation... People tend to say it's sad and melancholic, but not always. Not always brings nostalgia, sometimes is just a memory of great times and you feel happy being with "saudades"... I better shut up cos I have no clue how to explain/write what I actually want to say... LOL! All know is that I'm always with "saudades" off summer and hot weather!
Let's move on to the pictures :-)
Look at this nice pleats... This is my favourite part!
 I did a small change in the back, instead of a button and button loop I made a plaket with a snap...
I have to confess you something, initially I was going to make the spaghetti straps in the same fabric, but it was such a nightmare to turn it outside out that I gave up... This is supposed to be a super fast sew and It was going to take me an entire week to work on those devil straps... So ribbon looked a perfect way to finish the dress in no time!

Fabric: one of the lovely fabrics Fatima gave me for my birthday! I was waiting for THAT project to use it...

Have a nice weekend!

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