30 September 2014

Banksia Play Dress and Tunic!

Time for a super femenine tunic!! 
This is the Banskia Play Dress and tunic from Fresh Stitch Patterns. One of those in which your girls look... just pretty 😊 Don't you think so? 
Mind her tongue, but she was trying to eat the soap bubbles... Lol!

I really liked this version of the straps. You use a casing for the elastic band. It automatically gathers and gives a fresh look to the pattern. 

The pattern includes this skirt option and also a layered one which makes it more twirly. Dress or tunic length. Elastic straps with or without flutter sleeves or just plain straps. And also the accent in the bodice can be with U shape or not. So, plenty of options to play around.
Hehe. I spy a model in this picture!! Look at that gathered skirt. It gives volume to the tunic and the band helps it to sit a bit more straight.

Love the final result. So if you also do, run to her shop and buy it with a discount for a few days!! Pssssst! I've just  heard it on sale from $7.95 to $1.50 for 24h here or here!!! Kylie is sooooo nice!
Enjoy your sewing!! I look forward to your creations!