29 September 2014

Matching outfits... Today the BOY!

I know dear blog! We have been awful friends and didn't pay much attention to you... That doesn't mean we have been away of the sewing machine, it's the other way, we have been so busy sewing so many things (maybe I'm exaggerating a little) that we had no time for you. Also, a lot of pattern testing that we cannot show... But stay tuned, there are some pretty amazing stuff coming out soon!
Summer is officially over around here. Hello cold and rain! It was a pleasure to see you but can you pls go away now? Little Giant spent the weekend in his Hawthorn sweatshirt, by Titchy Threads / Willow & Co. it's very warm and comfy :-)
I was waiting for the rain to go away and for the sun to shine a little so I can take some pictures, no luck with that...
Pattern: Hawthorn Sweatshirt, by Ticthy Threads / Willow & Co
Fabric: some sweatshirt look like fabric but is very warm on the inside (soft fleece?)

Tomorrow (maybe after tomorrow) a matching outfit for baby sister!



  1. That fabric is awersome! I love stars! And the Hawthorn is one of the best patterns ever.

    1. Agreed 100% Those girls at Willow & co really know how to make patterns!

  2. Cute Cute!! I really have fro try this pattern! :D

  3. He is so darling! I need to finish mine up!

  4. This is so cute, I love the fabric.

  5. That star sweatshirt fabric is awesome! I want some!
    Your little guy is SO cute too. Great job!