15 October 2014

A happy kid!

You want to make everything but sometimes it's just not possible... I've wanted to make this for long, but I never got the time. Yesterday I've finally did it! And Little Giant was so happy! 
My idea was to make myself the t-shirt too, but I had no time so I went with a store bought one, otherwise this project might never come together!
He was very intrigued with what was going to come out of the printer... A printer is a mystery to him! LOL
 ... And when his lion appeared he started to laugh and jump all around! He was still astonished that his lion came out of the printer!
We placed the paper transfer on the t-shirt and ironed it!
Et voila... Little Giant and his new pyjama!
I'm sry for the bad pictures, but I was more concentrated on the process of the t-shirt than on the pictures... But despite the crappy pictures I had to show you this! The thing I like the most is to see my son happy, and this was definitely an exiting evening!

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