16 October 2014


Everyone knows I love rompers... Can you imagine how happy I was when talented Lydia chose me to test one of her new patterns, The Flutterby Romper?!? HAPPY DAYS!! Of course one was not enough, especially when this pattern have so many options! (You can't see in the picture but it has pockets also ;))
Winter has arrived around here, so this is perfect for layers! 
Let's start with the long legs version... 
We were lucky and the day was nice when we took the pictures... But from today on the shorts version will be used with tights. I love her reaction every time I dress her the romper, the fabric has a lot of cookies and she keeps trying to grab one... LOL
Long legs version: Just for fun scooter rabbit from MAKOWER (I don't remember where I bought it)
Shorts Version: Tela oxford rosa galletas de Cosmo Japón dulces lunares, in Modes4U


  1. Linda! Vê-se que ela gostou mesmo das bolachinhas! ah ah ah Gosto das duas versões, estão muito giras!

  2. Adorável como sempre Rita! :D