21 October 2014

KCW day 2: first costume for my little one :)

I've had this book in my hands for more than 8 months waiting for my little one to start wearing size 2. And... now I'm at that point! And there is even more! The Kids Clothes week for this season is based in storybooks! So, there we go: starting the very first costume for my daughter!

I started sewing with Astrid Le Provost. I have a soft spot for her and her delicate designs. This book is all about costumes, but costumes that look nearly like haute couture. It's both for girls and boys and the only inconvenient is that you can only find it in French. My French level is intermediate and I don't always get all the sewing jargon, but if you are used to sewing, things end up being quite logical and straight forward. So it's worth having it :)

I wanted to start with a childish and naive one. What about Little Red Riding Hood?

Off to work! KCW is always a super motivating sewing period, cause you see the sewing community all making beautiful things at the same time, and testing their creativity. Inspiration, pattern reviews, discovering new blogs... let's see what this KCW brings us!

Hood and cape done! And the fit is beautiful!

I will get some more sewing done this week and make the dress too!

This modern Little Red Riding Hood is watching TV instead of crossing the forest to see her granny!!! Oh no!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed!



  1. Qué Caperucita Roja más moderna!
    Enhorabuena por tu primer disfraz!

    1. Muchas gracias!! Todavía me falta hacerle el vestido. A ver que tal queda en modelito completo ;-)