28 October 2014

My first self drafted!

I don't plan to be a pattern designer, I know my limitations and capabilities! But a little experimenting doesn't hurt... I'm so proud of myself!!! I self drafted a tunic for Teresinha. It has some problems that I need to fix next time. Sleeves are too short and I also need to add some inches to the width and length of the bodice, a part from that I'm pretty happy with the result! The bow detail is what makes this tunic so perfect! 
I was in such a hurry to show you what I did that didn't wait for daylight for some nice pictures! Of several phone pictures I only manage to get 2 presentable ones... sry...

Hopefully you will see more tunics around here! I won't rest until I make exactly what I have in my mind! LOL


  1. De certeza que as designers de patterns também não começam com um molde perfeito! A mim parece-me bem gira. A a Teresinha parece aprovar também.
    O laço realmente é a cereja no topo do bolo. :)

  2. So cute - tunic and baby!
    The little bow is such a lovely detail :)