27 October 2014

Rowan Tee! Laura did it again...

This girl never disappoints! One more great pattern by Laura (Titchy Threads). And guess what... It has 144 mix and match options!!! Yep, 144!!! Are you already thinking how to make yours? It is also perfect for layering. What about a short sleeve hood with a long sleeve tee underneath?
It's such a quick sew that we went a little crazy and sew loads of Rowan Tees... This is going to be a picture intensive post!

Plain Long Sleeve Version (no stripes):
Little Girl & Big Brother!
And then I remebered that some Fancy Pants Leggings would be the perfect match! Good night everyone, I'm sleeping in my new pyjama!
Still need to make some matching Fancy Pants Leggings for the little Girl!

What about Blanca!? She also wants one!! Ok, ok, you'll have it!

Long Sleeves with stripes:
I'm in love with the version below...
Long Sleeves with shouder stripes:
And long sleeves with hood!
Fabric: Several Knit and Ribbon


  1. wonderful post!! i love the last shot of Blancita in her long sleeve, shoulder stripe. cracking me up!!

  2. Your pictures are adorable! That picture of Blanca laughing into her hands is just precious! Love all of your shirts!!!

  3. I'm so happy you like the pattern so much Rita! All of your versions look fantastic and I love the colours and fabrics you've used, especially on the hooded one. Thanks so much for all your help with testing.

    1. Fatima and I love all your patterns! They are all perfect! Fatima's hooded version is the best one :-)