16 February 2015

About my Valentine...

We don't care much about Valentine arround the house... For the first time, this year, I had fun! I participated in the Secret Valentine Exchange organized by Sanae and Ute (details here). Thanks for the great organization! Hope you keep doing it in the years to come. About my gift to Veronika (www.tagfuerideen.blogspot.com)...
I'm Portuguese and Portuguese tiles are very well known around the globe. So here is a little of Portugal
Veronika likes stars, so I have lined the clutch with an amazing frabric I bought in Paris long time ago (how can I have forgotten to take a pictur of the inside!?!)
Pattern from the book: Maos a Obra! One more great project Constança (Saidos da Concha) :)
And now the best part... The present I got from lovely Miri (www.madebymiri.de), my Secret Valentine!
Tks again for this fun fun Valentine and the best part was to discover my "new friends" Miri and Veronika! :)

Have a great week!


  1. Thank you so much for participating! I am happy you made new friends through this wonderful exchange! We really hope to do it again next year!

  2. Que ideia gira! E os presentes são super apetecíveis! Adorei a clutch... tenho que fazer uma para mim!

  3. Sabe tão bem receber presentes pelo correio - e o timing não podia ter sido melhor ;)
    A clutch ficou super cool! Gosto imenso.

  4. Dear Rita ,
    your gifts are so wonderful - I love it.
    Thank you again for your labor of love!!
    My post ist online today, and i've linked your blog too :-).
    Have a nice day!!

  5. Thank you so much for participating and making this exchange so special! I just love your stone clutch with the secret stars! And I like that this year Valentine's day was fun and surprising!

  6. Adoro os projectos da Concha mas estou também a adorar este seu cantinho! Uma Beijoca