10 February 2015

Around the world blog hop!

Patricia is one of the sweetest girls around the blogging world! She sews mainly for her little girl (soon 2 little girls) and sometimes for her. She shares all her creations @ Pequeno Mundo a 3. We were really surprised when she mentioned our little blog for the...
It was the first time we heard about it and it's a really interesting concept, since you get to know a lot of new blogs. We loooooove discovering new blogs!!! 
Apparently we are supposed to answer a few questions, so here we go...

What are you working on?
[Rita]: I'm doing some cool pants for me... I hope that at least I look OK with them, first time sewing pants for me. OH (sigh) sewing for kids is so much more fun and easy, everything looks cute on them!
[Fatima]: I have 2 projects on my desk! Fabric already cut for a mustard knit "Mini Marthe Dress (from Republique du Chiffon)" and a lovely Peter Pan collar blouse in light blue from the book "Intemporels pour bebes (Astrid le Provost)" in size 3 months :-) Oh! I have just realised I'm surrounded by French patterns! This is not that common, I promise!

How does your work differ from others in its genre?
Honestly we don't consider ourselves to have a super "different" style or a unique hallmark. We try to inspire from blogs, fabrics, clothes brands etc. We try several kinds of sewing (from ruffles or neon colours to more simple lines and patterns in a neutral colour palete; casual looks to classic princess style, etc etc).
Maybe what makes us a bit more special is our work usually starts with a conversation  during a coffee break. We are super lucky to share hobby and compulsive attitude for sewing. It's definately not the same having a chat about patterns between us rather that your husband, right?? LOL!

Why do you create what you do?
We just love crafts. It's our escape from the "real world". We both have full time corporate jobs and we have to deal with the house and the kids... Sewing it's our ME + CREATIVE time! We love to see the fabric tranforming into useful (not always LOL) gargements. We love fabric in general... 

How does your creative process work?
Sometimes its fabric first: What do you think I should do with this fabric Fatima? And we discuss the endless possible patterns for the fabric... Others is just the other way round: Rita, I really want to sew this dress. Would that Nani Iro with the dots be ok for this? We read a lot of blogs, our following list both on pinterest and instagram is getting bigger and bigger... Well the usual we guess!

And now it's finally time to reveal the two bloggers we choose to pass along these questions! Soraia @ sewhappy & Constança @ SaidosdaConcha... because, well, we just love them and what they make!

A little recap of what we have been doing lately...
Have a super week!


  1. Gostei muito de ler. Parabéns às duas! De certeza que as calças vão ficar super giras!

  2. Uau!! Vocês são uma equipa super produtiva!!! É giro saber como se inspiram ;-)

  3. Bem, you know I <3 you! Obrigada pelos elogios ;-) e maravilhosas escolhas para passar a batata quente! ah ah ah

  4. Uau!
    Vocês não param - Imensas coisas giras :)
    Parabéns às duas ;)