03 February 2015

KCW - Japanese Book: Girls Style Book

I'm sure many of you are not new to Japanese books. If you have already been lucky enough to sew something from this book... then you'll know what I'm talking about. 
These "ethereal" gargements have something special... I had the Blouse B nearly finished since one week ago; lovely in the peg, but seemed so big, I didn't even tried to check the fit in Blanca. I just thought, well, I'll have to wait at least one more year till she can wear this. So I just hanged it in her wardrobe and closed the door.
And... the weekend arrived. I'm a working mummy, and one of my new years' "principles" was not to "torture" my daughter trying her new clothes during the week, cause she's normally too tired when I arrive home from work :) Last year we got to the point where she saw me holding a brand new dress and she just ran opposite! Ha! No more of that.

I'm refering to Blouse B, from "Girls Style" book (by Yoshiko Tsukiori).
So the weekend arrived. I was thrilled about the fit, but honestly, didn't have hope this was going to work. And suddlendy, we had one of those "silent" moments where my husband and I hold breath and look at each other. Yes, even my husband! This looked soooooo beautiful on her!

This blouse is so different and delicate to what you find in the stores, it reminds you one of the good reasons why you sew :) 

The fit is a bit loose, a big baggy, but I just adore it.
So now... I admit it, I'm obsessed with Japanese patterns. I have a long list of things I want to sew from this book and from the other very well known (and translated to English) Sew Chic Kids by Ruriko Yamada. 

Pattern: Blouse B from Girls Style Book (by Yoshiko Tsukiori)
Fabric: upcycled shirt from daddy. 


  1. Lovely!
    I have this pattern on my to-sew list as well, now I really need to try it ;)

  2. Blanca looks absolutely lovely wearing this beautiful blouse! Well done you!!

  3. How lovely!! Looks adorable :-)

  4. Y es que voy a tener que comprarme uno de estos libros japoneses pronto!! =D

    1. Jajaja Pues te prometo que es mucho más bonita que en la fotos ;-) Besos!!

  5. I am just getting into sewing from Japanese sewing books, too, but haven't tried anything from this book yet. This is a very pretty example, and the big fit just means it will last so long. I love the little heart buttons.