02 September 2015

A birthday present!

Hey there!
I just came back from an Amazing time with family and friends in Portugal! I did absolutely no sewing at all… I spent the major part of the days at the beach! I feel so refreshed with so many sun hours on my back :)
I did a couple of things before I left. I will start with my niece birthday present that she loved so much and used it almost every day!
Let’s go back a couple of months… My niece paid me a surprise visit to Madrid like 6 months ago. She browsed trough all my books and fabric and put a post it in thousands of patterns she wanted me to make her. When she looked at the fabric she only wanted one, even if I tried to convince her other way. I only had a yard and I wasn’t sure I could make a lot with that for a tall 6 year old girl. I looked at all the patterns she chose but what I really wanted to sew was the new (at the time) released TipTop pattern by Petit a Petit. I love Celina’s patterns. Hummm that needs a lot of fabric, but with some effort placing the pieces and some contracting fabric for the sleeves it turned out perfect!
I wish she lived closer… she makes the perfect model! It’s so much easier than trying to photograph my 2 toddlers. 

More things to come in the next days... ;)


  1. I love your Tip Top in flamingo fabric. Sometimes not having enough fabric makes us think outside the box and I think it wouldn't have looked better if you had more. I love it just the way it is.

  2. Woah! Super cute Tip Top and gorgeous niece. I love the contrast sleeves, so happy it all worked out! Thank you so much. xxx