10 September 2015

A good free pattern? What?

I really wanted to post this before, It was almost ready to go live before the end of August (there was a contest going on that I was planning to enter) only needed some pictures and was good to go... No internet?!?! No internet at all to send the pictures and to publish the post until September when I got back home. Well, anyway.. I was really glad I've finished the overalls (?) before the holidays cos I used it again and again.
You really need to check this pattern out! It's very good and it's FREE! Yes, you read it well, it's free! The instructions are in Spanish but you can easily get away with the pictures for each step. The pattern is the Mono Stefanie, by Besty (I don't remember how I came across this, but she is good!). All details here.
Things I've made different and things I should have made differently:
- I've added pockets. I cannot live without pockets!
- I've changed the straps system, I've made it with buttons.
- I've interfaced the buttons part and the back piece where the straps are hanging.
- I should have interfaced the straps, the fabric is too light and I would prefer sturdier straps
Now let's move on to the pictures...
- "Francisco can you pls move? Mom is taking pictures,,,"
- "But I want to be in the pictures with you..."
 - "Me too, me too..."
- "Give me a kiss then..."


PS - Can you spot some cute bubble shorts? Next post... (just need to find the time to write it :-))


  1. You look soooo gorgeous!!! Love your smile <3

  2. ¡Te sienta fenomenal el Mono Stefanie! Los bolsillos y los botones le han dado un toque fantástico :) Una alegría ver un mono tan mono! Un saludo, Betsy.

    1. Muchas gracias por el patron... Cuando vas a lanzar otro? Can't wait :-)

  3. Adorei e ficam-te super bem! Já fui buscar o molde. :D

    1. Adorei! Estou a pensar fazer um em jeans... ;)

  4. Fica-te lindamente!! Adorei!!
    O tecido é lindo, já ando a "olhar" para ele há algum tempo ;-)

  5. Love it! I can't live without pockets, either. Not sure that I could rock this, but you look terrific! And you have the best photobombers <3

  6. Só descobri este blog hoje e estou a adorar! Adorei estes calções/jardineiras! Ficaram mesmo bem!! Parabéns!!

    1. Obrigada!!! Quero imenso fazer a tua mochila, adorei!