11 September 2015

My 2 pinguins go to school!

Remember Francisco’s backpack from last year (here)? This week was Teresinha’s first day of school and off course I had to make the same backpack for her. I love the penguin backpack and it’s always a success in the school. Aren’t they cute in their matching backpacks?
I’ve changed a couple of things. I’ve added interfacing to the lining to make the backpack sturdier and more “shaped”. I’ve made it just a tinny bit bigger (sewed with 3/8 SA instead of the 1/2 SA). In fact, Francisco’s was the first I’ve made and since then in all the others I’ve used Interfacing on the lining. (here, here and here). Don’t be scare by the amount of pieces on the pattern, Liesl instructions are really easy to follow and the patterns pieces match in perfection! Like all the Oliver + S patterns! 
Pattern: backpack from the book Little Things to sew, by Oliver + S


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  1. What adorable photos! Thank you so much for posting. I'm glad the backpacks are a hit. I'm just making the messenger bag for S, and I'm using a really interesting "interfacing" that's more like a thick layer of foam. It really gives a lot of structure and would be great for the backpacks if I can just remember what it's called...

    Dos besos!