18 November 2015

Japanese Series - Part III

You can find Part I HERE & Part II HERE!

Finally Teresinha's Japanese wardrobe !!!
(you are in for a long one... so grab a cup of coffee before you start reading)
I will start by bumber 3. My favourite!!! She looks super cute with it!
The fabric is amazing, It's like twill but lighter (I honestly don't know how to describe, you can find it HERE). I've been using this book a lot.
When it arrived I was not very convinced and I set it aside, but once I've sewed a pair of shorts (same as 7. but never blogged and I cannot find pictures and now it's too small and already passed it to her little cousin) I love it! Perfect for bottoms!
Forget about order... from 3. we jump straight to 7. since it's the same book. She has been using the shorts a lot. I've made it with the same fabric from number 3. but in a neutral colour so she can combine it with all the tunics. You can find the fabric HERE!
4. I don't need to talk much about this tunic. This is the 3rd one I make. You can see it HERE & HERE. I've used the perfect Liberty print for it this time. I really wish Liberty fabric was more affordable... (sight)
2. It's from the same book. I love vests and it's perfect for the little ones, freedom of movements and to keep them just warm enough! I've added ruffles to the sleeves ;-). The most special thing about the vest it's the fabric. I didn't made any lining like in the pattern cos I wanted the "fur" to show on the inside. The fabric is like quilted sweather knit on the outside and "fur" on the inside and it has starts! Got it HERE!
Not much to say on 5. other than its a super simple tunic with a pleat in the front and a pocket.
I've used this book in the past to make a poncho for Teresinha (HERE)!
I bought this fabric in the summer to match the swimsuit (fabric with same design) that I was going to make Teresinha and that never happened. I was going to keep it for next summer with the swimsuit but I like it so much that I wanted to use it ASAP! She was exhausted of playing model the entire weekend...
6. I've made it specially for a familly lunch we had last weekend. I love the original way the bodice is joined to the bottom. It's like an exposed seam with french seams. And the bow on the back? Perfect detail!
1. The only thing I didn't sew specially for the series, but I had to include it and with number 1! She has been using it over and over again since spring. All details HERE. It's a pitty that this fabric is no longer available (what a timing, when I was writing the post I saw that the fabric is back in stock - HERE -  YEY! ) I'm going to make one skirt each year until she is old enough and refuses to wear it!
Look how little she looks in this picture... (I've more recent ones, but she looks really cute in this one ;-)
And that's all! My contribution for the Japanese Sewing series ends here! I hope you like it... I love Teresinha's japanese closet! ;)

All the books in Japanese were bought HERE
The ones in English/French were either a present or bought in Amazon.
Fabric is from www.traetela.com

Sara organized all of it and there's a link up so you can play along too :). All details HERE!

There is an AMAZING giveaway running along with this tour !
There will be three lucky winners among all of the lovely readers. Each winner will win one of the following prizes: 
- One pack of 2 two Japanese Sewing books from Tuttle Publishing
- One pack of 2 two Japanese Sewing books from Tuttle Publishing
- A $40 fabric voucher from Urban Sew 

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  1. Ah man! These are all totally gorgeous.

    1. Tkssssss! I had a lot of fun making it! :)

  2. Everything is amazing, Rita! Love all your fabric choices (and patterns, but I assume that's obvious)
    Your mini-me is looking so big right now - and her closet is very very stylish ;)

    1. The only thing not growing enough is her hair! I can't wait for her to have a porperly girly hair... LOL

  3. Wonderful clothes, BEAUTIFUL daughter! Fun to look at both, proud mama!

  4. Wonderful clothes, BEAUTIFUL daughter! Fun to look at both, proud mama!

  5. What a wonderful wardrobe!! Teresinha is a lucky little girl :-) Love everything!!! Patterns, fabrics, colours... so inspiring!

    1. I got so envy that now I'm going to focus on my own wardrobe! :)