22 December 2015

Days around here...

I'm in countdown for Xmas and vacations... It's tomorrow, finally! All I have been doing lately is wrapping presents and more presents!
The last few days have been a little bit chaotic... I left a some gifts to make in the last few days before going home for Xmas and the overlocker decided to go on holidays a little earlier than it was supposed to!!! I spent 1h30 threading and unthreading and cleaning and did everything I could think of and nothing... Spent an entire day putting patterns together and cutting fabric for nothing!
5 pyjamas ready to sew and nothing... I'm sending this little girl to fix and off to find some replacements! I HATE SHOPPING!!!!
Why not send the other machine to be serviced?! Since I won't be doing any sewing in the next weeks anyway... Off to the box it goes too!
I can't stay still... I might have a serious problem because I always need to be making something. I've bough for my little nephew a cute amigurumi. Hummm Why don't I try and make one too?! Crochet it's so difficult... But I won't gave up until I master the art of Amigurumi! Youtube on and a glass of wine might help... 
Kids had their last day of school today and they all had to dress has sheepman... look how cute they left this morning for school!!! TKs Fatima, the dress is perfect on Teresinha (I was lazy this year and doing make it, Francisco's vest is the same from last year and Teresinha is using a dress Fatima had made for Blanca last year). Who cares... They were so happy palling their roles!
See you tomorrow... I need to go and continue to play Santa! 



  1. Wow, you are one busy lady!!!! And love the wrapping & labels! So cute <3 I'm pretty addicted to sewing these days, too. I don't know what I would do without my machine -- it has made me consider getting a back up for "just in case." And part of me doesn't want to go on vacation because then I wouldn't be able to sew, lol!! Anyway, you are amazing. I seriously don't know how you do it all!

  2. I love the way you think. I do that all the time, always new things, different things... and then I wonder why I feel tired!? ah ah ah big kiss sweet Rita <3 ps- adoro a tua piolha de língua de fora!