06 January 2016

Let me introduce you to Kiki!

Before we start with the first project of 2016 let me wish you an AMAZING YEAR, 2016 IS GOING TO BE GREAT!
The holiday season is finished... It all went so fast! A new year has started and hopefully it will be full of adventures. Big changes happening this year, and that's all I can say for the moment ;-)
As you know my overlooker decided to go on holidays earlier and decided not to cooperate, so no sewing since early December, I was a little sad I couldn't make the major part of the gifts but apart from that it was not a big deal as I was going to be away until the machine gets repaired. My hands are busy bees and I can't just sit and do nothing, knitting was an option but I'm impatient and get bored easily, I like to knit little by little and if my sweater is finished in 1 year time I'll be more than happy. So, what to do? I saw an advertisement of a get together by we are knitters and convinced Fatima to join me. I had no clue what crochet was about and we were supposed to make a beanie. It was so much fun and Tete is a great teacher, almost everyone left with their benies on (only Fatima and I took homework LOL), The place was great and the group was the best!
Amigurumis? What's that? Made of crochet... hummm maybe I can give it a go! GOD bless youtube, without you It would have been impossible. I want to thank also to google  for the amazing search results on patterns for amigurumis. I decided to try the Tekubi, by Mis PequiCosas. This blog is amazing and has the cutest Amigurumis. It took me several days, one intense and dedicated week, to be able to "understand" the mechanism, but once you get it it's super easy and it doesn't take that long (at least not a year like my sweater LOL). It took me one week to make. I can't thank you enough Sasha (The Craft Company) for the help in choosing the kind of cotton to use. It's perfect!
Let me present you KIKI...



  1. oohhh que bonito! NO sé si yo tendría paciencia para tejer uno igual.
    Un beso y feliz año nuevo.

    1. Feliz año Maria! Parece muchisimo mas complicado de lo que es, en realidad no se tarda tanto como parece!

  2. Que linda ficou Rita! E aquela lã e agulhas é mesmo o que eu te estava a falar que tinha que experimentar!... Um ano maravilhoso para vocês os 4 minha linda amiga <3

    1. Depois de lhe apanhares o jeito e facil! Adorei ver-te ;)